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Its just a little wedding what could possibly go wrong?

by Stacey Croteau on Jun 11, 2012

Months?  Years?  Your entire life?  Planning a wedding seems like a full time job except instead of it paying you; you pay it. 

A recent survey shows that in 2011 the average wedding budget was $27,021 with the majority of the budget spent on the reception venue/catering.  This is about the cost of a car but you would never buy a car without insurance so why not insure your wedding?  You must be thinking what could possibly go wrong that insurance would cover.  Here are the top 3 reasons for a loss (per the Fireman's Fund Claims dept):

Top 3 Liability

  1. A drunk guest got into a car accident.
  2. Forty of the guests got food poisoning.
  3. Bridesmaid left a candle burning in the dressing room and the facility caught fire.

Top 3 Cancellation/Postponement

  1. The reception event site went out of business.
  2. The father of the bride had a heart attack.
  3. The groom lost his job and the couple could no longer afford the wedding.

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