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Are you safe at home during a storm?

by Susan Mueller, CISR on Feb 13, 2013

While driver's in NH and MA heeded warnings and bans to stay off the roads during the recent blizzard, people settled in their homes to stay safe and warm.  Being safe in your home means more than just having enough batteries, flashlights, food and water on hand.  
In preparation for the storm, I cleared my yard.  Putting plastic chairs and trash cans into my garage so they would not become airborne during high winds.  However, the yard is not the only thing that needs to be kept "clear" .   
High winds can cause snow to build up on your outside vents, trapping dangerous gases inside your house.  Carbon Monoxide is tasteless, odorless, colorless and is produced when you burn wood/gas/propane and oil fuel.  Signs of CO poisoning are described as flu-like symptoms.  If you suspect CO poisoning may be the cause for sickness, open a window and evacuate immediately.
Early warning detectors for CO are mandatory. And dont forget to check  each month, to make sure the batteries are working.
So please, take a few minutes to bundle up, get outside and check your heating system vent during and after the storm.  And while you are out there, make sure your clothes dryer vent is also clear!
More information and safety tips can be found at:  Stay Warm NH
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