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Why Should I Buy Life Insurance

by Treva Cassidy, CISR, ACSR on Jul 30, 2013

While I am no expert in the area of life insurance, I do understand that there is a need for such coverage.  We are in business of putting a value on the things that are replaceable, such as your home or car.  In the case of life insurance, you have to decide what the value of a person’s life, that which is irreplaceable.

I found a great article on the Insurance Information Institute here about why we should buy life insurance. 

You may not think you need it, after all, you will likely never use it yourself but what will your family do if you are gone? How will your bills such as your mortgage, credit cards and car payments get paid if you are gone?  If you lose your spouse who does not provide the primary income, will you be able to work less to take care of the home and children more? 

We at Georgetown Insurance strive to provide you with a comprehensive insurance plan for all of your insurance needs.  Our trusted partner, Tom Pauling of New York Life would be happy to discuss areas of life insurance and financial planning.  Please contact us if you would like us to have him get in touch with you.

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