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Monday Morning Motor: This Week in Automotive History

by Stacey Croteau on Aug 5, 2013

As classic car enthusiasts I think that we are all just a little bit history buff too.  I mean let’s face it cars are history on wheels.  They all tell a story about a certain place and time.  So for all you history buffs out there I give you this week in automotive history.

Aug. 6, 1959

Corvair Name Registered: GM registers the Corvair name for its new rear-engine compact car. The Corvair was the only American-made, mass-produced passenger car to come with a rear-mounted, air-cooled engine.

Aug. 12, 1908

Ford Builds First Model T: The first Model T was built at Henry Ford’s Piiquette Avenue Plant in Detroit, although it didn’t leave the factory until September 27.

Aug. 10, 1897

Oldest Auto Club Formed: C. Harrington Moore and Frederick R. Simms found Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland. It would become Royal Automobile Club, the world's oldest auto club.


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