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Texting and Driving

by Susan Mueller, CISR on Sep 26, 2013

We know how dangerous texting and driving is, but did you know that soon, a SENDER of a text message could be held liable for texting a "known operator"?  

Its true! In August 2013 a New Jersey appeal court passed a ruling, that the  sender of a text message, could be held liable when they know the recipient is behind the wheel and there is an accident.    This ruling should start a nationwide look at the liability involved, when you send a message to someone who is driving. 

How would you feel- you send a text to a  friend or family member, you KNOW they are driving, and it results in an accident?  Think about the guilt involved if someone gets hurt or killed and YOU sent the message. Nothing in the world is that important.  I would not want to be responsible for the death or injury to anyone. 

Does anyone like the show MYTH BUSTERS?  They did a test, talking on the cell phone  vs Driving under the influence of alcohol.  The test subjects and results came out that talking on a cell phone while driving is actually WORSE than drinking and driving!  That is an eye opener.  This is just talking on a hand held devise, not even texting.   So think before you send that next text message, or call to a known operator!

One of our local insurance company's is a big proponent of putting down the phone in the car as well.  Plymouth Rock Assurance offers some advice on their website.

Be safe, and HAPPY FALL!!!

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