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Monday Morning Motor

by Stacey Croteau on Oct 21, 2013

Being partners with the leader in collector car insurance, Hagerty, has afforded our agency many benefits.  But more important than the benefits to our agency is what we can pass along to our customers. 

Hagerty offers so much more than just insurance for your baby.  Don't get me wrong the insurance coverage they provide is second to none but the seemingly unlimited resources they have at their finger tips and gladly pass along to their customers are worth just as much.  From Hagerty Plus to membership in the Historic Vehicle Association this is just what you get as a Hagerty Customer.

But one on my favorite things is their website, especially the resources page.  It is a great source of information that any collector can appreciate.  Next time you have a few minutes or better yet have a need for something car relates head on over and I am sure you will find what you need!

And as always call us at 1-978-352-8000 or email for all your insurance needs.

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