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Insurance Tips for Summer

by Susan Mueller, CISR on Jun 4, 2014

Summer projects on your mind?  If you are planning on making some improvements this summer, and hire someone to work on your home, be cautious.  Ask the party you hire (for whatever project is needed) to provide you with a certificate of insurance, which is proof of their insurance coverage.  The homeowners policy does not provide coverage if a hired worker is hurt, or causes damage to your home. 


A certificate of insurance would provide you with info on general liability coverage carried, workers comp coverage required, and insurance on commercial vehicles if applicable.  


For those who prefer to "do it yourself"... make sure to check your lawnmower, weed whacker etc, for oil/ fresh gas/ and wear appropriate clothing while maintaining your property.  Common sense is needed, and double check this link for some helpful tips:


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Have a GREAT summer! 

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