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Hurricane Season for Massachusetts & New Hampshire is NOW

by Susan Mueller, CISR on Aug 28, 2014

Although we've had some severe thunderstorms and even a few tornados, in the past century, the New England area has been hit by 75% of hurricanes during August and September.    So while you are out shopping for those back to school items, just add to the list for an emergency kit.    Get one put together and have it ready.


There is some excellent info on what to have packed, family communication plans and so on- at:

There is also a link to evacuation areas and  YES, there is even an option to download a FEMA smartphone application.


The NOAA has up to date information and weather activity on their website, check it out at:


At Georgetown Insurance Agency our goal is to keep you safe and informed. So be ready and be safe!  Please visit our website for information on other important topics at:

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