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Christmas Tree Safety

by Susan Mueller, CISR on Dec 9, 2014

It is that time of year, when every car you see has a tree in or on it!  Did you venture out into the woods of New England to hand pick and cut your own tree? Or go down to your local store and purchase one? In either case, here are some rules to follow...

1)Always cut an inch or two off the bottom of your tree's trunk, to be sure the tree can absorb water

2) Water a live tree at least once a day ( make sure the bottom never becomes dry)

3) Artificial trees can be lovely, just check the labels to confirm it is fire retardant

4) Do not string more than 3 sets of lights together

5) do not use real candles on a tree

6) do not ever put the tree within 3 feet of ANY heat source (fireplaces/ heating vents etc)

7) Never block an entrance/exit with your tree


Happy Holidays from Georgetown Insurance- be safe & happy!


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