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Keeping your pets safe

by Susan Mueller, CISR on Dec 22, 2014

Santa's reindeer are made for the snow and cold, your cat or dog is NOT! Winter in the northeast can be brutal. Take extra care with your pets this season. People laugh out loud when they see my Chihuahua dressed in coat and boots. Well, it may look silly but it is actually a safety issue.

Cats should not be let outside in the cold, keep inside as much as possible. Remember that a warm engine is a magnet for a cat. If there are a lot of outside cats in your area, please bang loudly on your hood before starting the engine, giving a feline the chance to escape.

Dogs also need extra care during the cold winter months. Follow a few simple tips to keep your animal comfortable and safe...

-Dry itchy skin can be brought on by the cold dry air. So keep your dog dry, wipe them off after coming in

-Humidify your home if needed

-Don't bathe your animal often, it removes oils needed to keep their skin healthy

-Use a coat or sweater in cold weather and boots if your dog will tolerate them

-Make sure to wipe off legs/ belly and feet (especially between toes) to remove any dangerous chemicals from ice melt

-Feed your dog MORE, if they spend a lot of time outside, they are using more calories to stay warm (check with your vet if unsure as to how much more)

If you are considering getting a dog, ALWAYS check with your insurance agent for possible restrictions. There are some restricted dog breeds that vary company to company. You want a new pet to be a joy, not a reason for a cancellation or non renewal of your home insurance!

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Happy Holidays!

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